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Using or is not the only way to search for a home and even once you identify homes you’d like to see, there can be other unique challenges and tips to be aware of while conducting your home search.

6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Home

  1. Realtor Open Houses:  On weekends you may wish to visit a few open houses held by other Realtors.  These are a great way to get familiar with the market so I encourage it.  I also suggest that — beyond visiting homes in your price range — visit a few that are both above and below your targeted price in order to see the differences.  This will help you understand what you are able to get for your money.  An important tip, however, is that upon entry the listing agent will ask you to sign in.  This is fine but let them know up front that you’re working with Ted Weaver from Re/Max.  By providing this information, they will generally leave you alone and provide space to view the home at your own pace.  Remember, they are representing the seller but they are also attempting to “pick up” new buyer clients so it’s best to let them know in advance to avoid confusion.  


  1. For Sale Signs:  If you see a For Sale sign by another real estate firm on a home that you may have interest, feel free to call the telephone number on the sign.  Tell the person who answers you’re working with an agent but would like to know further details about the house.  Again, remember they are representing the seller and will give you the best possible spin to help sell the home.  If you still have further interest, call, email, or text me for additional information and to set up a showing.


  1. Ads in Press, Internet or Magazines:  In most instances you can find homes currently for sale on the Internet.  However, if you see an advertisement for a home that looks interesting but can’t find it otherwise, you may call the agent directly to inquire.  If the home is in your price range and you have further interest, you may call, email, or text me for additional information and to set up a showing.


  1. For Sale By Owners:  If you run across a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home, the best thing to do is write down the phone number and address and send the information to me.  Most FSBO’s (95%) will work with Buyer’s Agents but it’s important that I make the initial contact in order to set expectations up front.  If a FSBO believes they can “cut out” a Buyer’s Agent to save money they will often try – but this will leave you unrepresented throughout the purchase process.  If a FSBO is having an open house, simply let them know you’re working with an agent up front and verify they will work with a Buyer’s Agent.  As long as expectations are set on the front end, we rarely have issues working with FSBO’s.


  1. Next Generation Listings:  Unfortunately Next Generation listings do not cooperate with Buyer’s Agents.  Thus, if you see a Next Gen listing you are certainly free to view it but just know they will not work with outside realtors and thus you will have to go through the purchase process without representation – meaning writing the offer, coordinating inspections, appraisals, title work, etc. must all be done on your own.


  1. Contact Me For Showing Appointments:  Always contact me to set up a showing appointment; never call the owner of a listed property directly.  We must work through their listing Realtor.  And with the exception of open houses, always try to utilize me first to walk through a home.  If I am unavailable I will make other arrangements as needed.  Remember it’s customary to give the seller at least 24-hours notice for a showing so they have time to prepare the home and be “out of the way.”


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